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Complex Sodium Disilicate--best STPP substitute

Fecha de Publicación: 2020/07/31 13:13:46
Fecha de Vencimiento: 2020/10/29 23:59:59
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Commodity: Complex Sodium Disilicate
Application: replace STPP in detergent powder making
Item                Type   Type 1 Type 2
Appearance white small granule, free flowing white fine powder
Bulk density 0.48g/cm3 0.68g/cm3
20FT Container 13 mts 17 mts
40HQ Container 26 mts 30 mts
Preferred technology Drying mixing, Post-spraying Pre-spray
Specification and COA
Item Standard Test result
Calcium exchange capacity >=400 mgCaCO3/gCSDS 441.06
Humidity: <=5% 2.5
PH value: <=12 11.27
SiO2: >=20% 23.08
Whiteness: >=80% 87.99
Bulk Density 0.40-0.85 Conform
Packing: 25kgs in plastic woven bag with inner plastic film bag
1. completely friendly to environment
2. excellent function and high calcium exchange ability (400min), better than STPP
3. excellent PH buffering capacity
4. competitive price to reduce much cost
5. free flowing and low density: 0.48/ml around.
6. not easily absorb moisture in air to become cake. 
7. very suitable for high tower sprayer and especially dry mix or blending
8. be used same as STPP in producing process, without any change in equipment
9. to make common or concentrate detergent powder; free-phosphate or low-phosphate detergent powder