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Explosion-proof Micro Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact (Inductive Switch Type) ECI-LP

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  • País/Región: Taiwán
  • Ciudad: Taipei
  • Persona de Contacto: Alison Lai
  • Tel: 886-2-28203405
  • Fax: 886-2-28203406
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Explosion-proof Micro Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact (Inductive Switch Type) ECI-LP

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  • Taipei , Taiwán
  • ECI-LP
  • All Stainless Steel
  • 02/23/2021

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Especificaciones de producto / Características

Explosion-proof Micro Pressure Gauge with Switch Contact (Inductive Switch Type)

ECI-LP pressure gauge with inductive switch adopts diaphragm as measuring elements, which is suitable for micro pressure  measurement. When pressure increase/decrease to set point, the contact will makes/breaks to control and alarm the connected

■ OEM service
■ Adopts SPST explosion-proof inductive switch Contact for 4”/6” pressure gauge
■ Non-contact type switch, comply with Explosion-proof level Exib II CT6
■ Specially designed for measuring micro pressure
■ Liquid-filled available, protection level IP65

Main Specifications 
Safety glass
▼Pressure connection
Welded/O-ring sealed
Thread size:1/4”,3/8”,1/2”
Thread type:BSPT,NPT,PF
▼Pressure range
Gauge pressure▼
0…400 to 10000mmH2O
Negative pressure▼
Compound pressure▼
-1…0 to 10000mmH2O
▼Applicable fluid
Liquid and gas that compatible with connection’s material
▼Ambient temperature
-20°C to +60°C
▼Fluid temperature
(For pressure range over 2500mmH2O)
▼Temperature drift
20°C as standard,every ±8°C
max. error:±0.5% F.S.
▼Explosion-proof level
Exib II CT6

Other Specifications
▼Ring material
Stainless steel
▼Ring mount
Outside bayonet
Adjustable set point
▼Case material
SS 304
▼Wiring type
Concealed magnet base with junction box
▼Switch contact type
Inductive Switch SPST (NC/NO)
▼Contact function
Single contact N.O. (1a)/
Single contact N.C. (1b)/
Double contacts N.O.+N.C. (1a1b)/
Double contacts N.C.+N.O. (1b1a)/
Double contacts N.O.x2 (2a)/
Double contacts N.C.x2 (2b)
For more information please refer to single/double contacts wiring
▼Number of contact
▼Contact material
80% silver,20% nickel,10μm gold-plated (>110V)
Gold (≦36V)
Aluminum with black enamel
▼Dial face
Red and black scale
Pressure unit, scale, and color can be customized upon request
▼Measuring elements
▼Protection design (option)
Install a blow out back (Only available for 4”)
Stainless steel
▼Gauge accuracy
±2.5% (Option:±1.6%,1%)
▼Set point accuracy
▼Max operating voltage
▼Max current
▼Contact capacity
▼Operating pressure
Stabilization:3/4* F.S.
Fluctuation:3/4* F.S.
Impulse:1* F.S.

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