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Travel size empty 8ml twist up perfume atomizer refillable perfume spray cylinder shape customize color

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  • País/Región: Taiwán
  • Ciudad: Taipei
  • Persona de Contacto: Christine
  • Tel: 886-2-28881006-Ext
  • Fax: 886-2-28881129-Ext
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Travel size empty 8ml twist up perfume atomizer refillable perfume spray cylinder shape customize color

Categoría de producto Botellas de perfume,Cosmética de Acción,Cosméticos de Envases
Método de Venta Exportación,Fabricación,Venta al por mayor,OEM/ODM,Servicio,Venta al por menor
Plazo de Pago T/T
Pedido Mínimo Unitario de Precio
1000 pedazos USD 2.5 / Pedazo
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los atributos del producto:

  • Taipei , Taiwán
  • RP250_W
  • Madison
  • Aluminum, glass
  • Forma del cilindro
  • 5ml/8ml/10ml/15ml/20ml
  • Fragancia líquida
  • Arreglo para requisitos particulares
  • 02/23/2021

Información Adicional:

  • ** (cm)

Especificaciones de producto / Características

Twist Up Perfume Atomizer Sprayer


Bottle : Glass

Surface Finishing

Shiny/ Matte


Silk screen printing and hot stamping

Sprayer color







Liquid fragrance

Madison Inc., providing with high quality products and service, has been a dominant manufacturer in the cosmetic industry since 1976. We are dedicated to bringing the delicate packaging to the market at the affordable price. Our main market focuses on fragrance, skin care, hair care, home fragrance, bath& body, and color cosmetics. 

Madison Inc. produces a wide variety of cosmetic packaging, including atomizers, sprayers, perfume bottles, and so on. In addition, we combine exquisite and innovative designs with our products to make it practical and multifunctional to lead the trend through the advanced technology and the quality control system. Our goal is to be the best packaging company that creates the excellent packaging to match suitable cosmetics to meet customers’ needs----- glamour and enjoyment, visually.
Madison Inc. treasures the quality of products, the need of customers and the efficiency of our manufacturing capacity. With 40-year experience, we confidently offer professional knowledge and efficient service to reach your demand. And most importantly, we are always ready and looking forward to serving you.

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