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High-Visibility Warning Vest-CB-2718A

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  • País/Región: Taiwán
  • Ciudad: Tainan
  • Persona de Contacto: Grace Tsai
  • Tel: 886-6-2338551
  • Fax: 886-6-2013594
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High-Visibility Warning Vest-CB-2718A

Categoría de producto Chalecos reflexivos de la seguridad,Promocional de Gifts/n.e.s.
Método de Venta Exportación,Fabricación,OEM/ODM
Plazo de Pago T/T,L/C a primera vista
Pedido Mínimo Unitario de Precio
500 pedazos USD / Pedazo
500 pedazos USD / Pedazo
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  • Taiwán
  • CB-2718A / CB-2718B / CB-2718C
  • 08/24/2017

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  • ** (cm)

Especificaciones de producto / Características

1. Quality retro-reflective stripes incorporated into high standing fluorescent materials; the garment helps outline the human form.
2. So as to workers’ visibility is enhanced in work zone and greatly increase their safety during the day, in low-light conditions, and at night.
3. This garment conforms to the requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC as for personal protective equipment.
4. By the way of type approval, this garment has been certified and tested in accordance with European Standard EN471 for high-visibility warning clothing.
5. Size: XXL - 74(L) x 64cm(W) / L - 69(L) x 63cm(W) / M - 65(L) x 62cm(W)
6. Material: POLYESTER
8. EN 471 approval
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Reflective Vest, Reflective, Reflective Products, Safety Vest
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