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Truck Tire Pressure Gauge

Categoría de producto Calibradores de presión de neumático
Método de Venta Exportación,Fabricación,OEM/ODM
Plazo de Pago T/T,L/C a primera vista
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  • Taipei , Taiwán
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  • 08/24/2011

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. Maintaining proper tire pressure improves mileage,
reduces tire wear, and increase driving safety.
. Exceeds standard ANSI_ASME B40.1 Grade B requirements
for 2% accuracy.
. Highly shock resistant.
. Employs award-winning gearless diaphragm design-no
Bourdon tube!
. Features bleeder valve, which holds pressure until
. Instructions for Use:
A. Only check pressure when tire is cold.
B. Find tire's ideal pressure imprinted on sidewall.
C. To take reading, press gauge stem onto tire valve
until firmly seated.
D. To avoid fatiguing the diaphragm, always press the
bleeder valve to release pressure once a reading has
been taken.
E. This is a precision instrument and should be treated
with care.
. Dial Diameter: 2 inch.
. Pressure Range: 0 ~ 160 psi
. Housing: black-painted steel
. Ring: chrome-painted steel
. Lens: acrylic
. Stem with release button
. NBR un-braided hose & extension bar dual chuck.
. Rubber protector.
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Tire Pressure, Tire
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