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Metal Case Industrial Glass Thermometer

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  • País/Región: Taiwán
  • Ciudad: Taipei
  • Persona de Contacto: Alison Lai
  • Tel: 886-2-28203405
  • Fax: 886-2-28203406
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Metal Case Industrial Glass Thermometer

Categoría de producto Industriales de los higrómetros de Termómetros y
Método de Venta Exportación,Fabricación,OEM/ODM
Plazo de Pago T/T,L/C a primera vista
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  • Taiwán
  • RG & SG Series
  • null
  • 08/23/2011

Especificaciones de producto / Características

* APPLICATIONS: Metal case design protects effectively the thermometer from greasy and steam ambiance. Particularly used in vessel and environment with heat.
* SPECIFICATIONS 1.Type: Type L - rigid 90° angle stem, available for RG series Type S - rigid straight stem, available for RG & SG series 2.Case material: RG series - Cylinder-shaped steel, chromium anodized SG series - Rectangular-shaped aluminum, silver-colored painted. 3.Case size: RG series - 120mmL x 19mmΦ; 140mm x 19mmΦ SG series - 110mmL x 32mmW;145mm x 32mmW 4.Lens: Clear glass 5.Scale plate: Aluminum, black markings on white background single scale ℃ or ℉ 6.Measuring principle: Mercury filled in glass tube Organic liquid available made-to-order, only for range below 200℃ 7.Wetted parts material: Brass, chromium anodized Stainless steel available made-to-order 8.Connection: 1/2?PF (BSP) / NPT standard, other size available made-to-order 9.Stem length: (including length of thread) RG series - 50;60;95;110;125 mm SG series - 30;70;80;110 mm Other length available by order 10.Accuracy: ±1 scale division 11.Range: RG series - -10+100;0+100;0-200;0+300; 0+500;0+600 SG series - 0+100;0-200;0+600 Other range available by order
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Glass Thermometer, Industrial Thermometer, Metal Thermometer, Thermometer
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