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Axe Head, Hatchet, Axe Hammer

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Shandong Pangu Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Persona de Contacto:Helen Fan
  • Puesto: Encargado de exportación
  • Tel:86-0534-6803603
  • Fax:86-053-6803619
  • Dirección:Dezhou, Shandong, China (mainland)
  • Ciudad:DEZHOU
  • Estado/Provincia: SHANDONG
  • País/Región:China (continente)
  • Cierre relámpago/Código de poste: 253600


1) A large variety of adzes, axe, hammer are manufactured
in our company with many kinds and specifications
2) The heads are made of carbon steel in high quality,
processed by forging, grinding, heat treatment, polishing
and painting
3) With excellent style and sharp blade, all the products
are used in splitting wood and chopping in kitchen
4) The products are strictly manufactured and inspected
according to German standard and American standard
If you are interested in our products, please contact me
For more detailed, please skype: helenpangu